Тест на уровень знания языка: Beginner-Intermediate
Тест на 60 вопросов (15-20 минут)
Не обязательно отвечать на все вопросы, если тест стал сильно сложным - завершите прохождение.
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Where _____ from? - I’m from Ukraine.
We have ______ house in Odessa.
I have two ____________ a boy and a girl.
I work in a _____________ . I’m a doctor
This is my brother. _______ name’s Paul.
___________ five people in my family.
I like apples, but I _____________ bananas.
Excuse me, ______ speak French?
How much are ______ shoes?
My sister ________ tennis very well.
Last night I ___________ to the cinema.
The ___________ is quite expensive but the food there is excellent.
Do you want to listen to music or ________TV?
_________ were you at the weekend? - I was in Scotland.
_________ you have a good time at the party? - Yes, it was fun.
Are you __________ English teacher?
Bob is going to meet __________ at the airport.
Excuse me, how do I _______ to the bus station?
Do you sell stamps? Yes, we do. How ________ do you want?
I’d like ______milk in my coffee, please.
_______ a bus stop near my flat.
Is this a good time to talk? Sorry, no. I _________dinner.
I think cycling is more dangerous _______driving.
We _____ going to the theatre next Saturday.
_______meet for coffee some time soon.
Giraffe is ______________ animal in the world
I _______ to the park and _______ with my friends yesterday.
In the morning I usually ________ dressed, _______ breakfast and ________ to work.
Where is the fridge? It’s in the _____________
________ever been to New York?
We never _________a television when I was a child.
Are you interested ____ sport? It depends ____ season.
Learning the piano isn’t as difficult _________learning the violin.
I ______a lot of sport in my free time.
If the weather _______bad tomorrow, we can go to a museum.
Hans isn’t here. He _____________to see his grandmother. He’ll be back tomorrow.
Can I make myself a cup of coffee? Of course. You _______to ask.
When I was a child, I __________climb the wall and jump into our neighbours’ garden.
About a billion cans of Coca-Cola ________drunk around the world every day.
___________anywhere interesting recently?
I _________outside the cinema when suddenly a police car arrived.
If I ___________closer to my office, I could walk to work.
She ____________that she was busy
-When are you going on holiday? -My bus leaves ____ Monday ___ 17.15.
-Where are you going to stay? -__ a hotel ____ the sea.
We paid the restaurant bill ______credit card.
If you _______ money from a friend, you should always pay it back promptly.
I’ve got to be at work in five minutes. Don’t worry, I ___________you a lift if you want.
I wanted to arrive there early, so we ___________off at 7.00 in the morning.
There’s no name on this dictionary. It _______be mine then. Mine’s got my name on the front.
Julia said that she _____________married since she was 20.
Don’t worry if I _____________late tonight. I’m going to the gym after work.
I’ve got a terrible headache, and it won’t go away. Have you tried ____________some aspirin?
Boxing is a sport _____________requires a lot of speed and fitness.
Jon _____________working on this project for a couple of months so he hasn’t made much progress yet.
I was wondering ______________I could ask you some questions. Sure, go ahead.
Salsa music always __________me of my trip to Cuba.
By the age of 18, I ___________not to go to university.
Can you believe it? A woman has been ______________for hacking into the computer of her online virtual husband.
She wouldn’t mind if I borrow her book, _________?
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